Thursday 28. May 2020

European Young Christian Workers (JOC Europe)

European Young Christian Workers (JOC Europe) is an organisation of young workers from several different countries. It is a member of an International Young Christian Workers (IYCW) movement which has a presence in five continents.



Secure a better future for young people



For many years, JOC Europe has been advocating the interests of young people in precarious conditions of employment. In 2013, JOC Europe implemented a series of measures that regularly brought young people together and promoted discussions about their actual situation, their visions of decent work as well as about alternatives and solutions. Moreover, the project also aimed at strengthening European solidarity and undertaking common actions against precarious employment conditions in Europe.



Ban fixed-term contracts of employment for young people that are without objective justification


Targeted Institutions:
European Commission, European Parliament, Council of the EU

JOC Europe calls on the EU policy-makers to lay down in the relevant legislation a ban on fixed-term contracts of employment that lack an objective justification for young people in order to allow them to undertake  mid-or long- term life planning.


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