Sunday 23. January 2022


Why the European Union ?


Europeans share their opinion on the relevance of the European project

Francis, VATICAN

‘I like the idea of the re-foundation of the European Union!’


I offer the Charlemagne Prize for Europe, as a co-decoration for Europe, a prize so that Europe may do what I desired at Strasburg; that it may no longer be “grandmother Europe” but “mother Europe.”


Reading the news the other day about this crisis and so on (…) there was one word that I liked, and I don’t know if they will approve it or not, but it was “the re-foundation of the European Union.” I thought of the great fathers, but today where is there a Schuman, an Adenauer, these great ones who after the war founded the European Union.


I like this idea of the re-foundation of the European Union, maybe it can be done, because Europe – I do not say is unique, but it has a force, a culture, a history that cannot be wasted, and we must do everything so that the European Union has the strength and also the inspiration to make it go forward. That’s what I think.”







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