Thursday 28. May 2020

Central Committee of German Catholics

The Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK) represents the interests of Catholics in the public sphere, takes part in shaping the political process and advises the German Bishops´ Conference on social, political and Church-related issues.



Opinions on Reform





 The Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK) addressed the Federal Chancellor, the responsible Federal Ministers in Germany as well as the German MEPs and called on them to support the so-called “backloading”.  ZdK also published several opinions on this issue. Here you can find the policy statement of ZdK on international climate protection.











Short– and long-term reform of the European Emissions Trading System


Targeted Institutions:
European Commission, European Parliament, Council of the EU

The EU Emissions Trading System is, as a market-based instrument, the centrepiece of efficient European climate protection. However, due to a strong oversupply of emission allowances, their price collapsed and thus it no longer offers sufficient incentives for enterprises to invest in energy-efficient and environmental-friendly technologies. In the short-term, ZdK advocates a reduction in the oversupply of emission allowances (so-called “backloading”) and from a long-term perspective, it calls for a reform of the Europea Trading System in order to ensure its sustainable and effective functioning.


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