Sunday 23. January 2022

Jesuit Refugee Service

The Jesuit Refugee Service is a global faith-based organisation based in over 50 countries worldwide. Its mission is to accompany, serve and advocate for refugees and the forcibly displaced. In Europe, JRS is present in 15 EU countries as well as in Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia.



Working Paper : death of asylum by a thousand cuts?


JRS published a working paper to react to the proposals of the EU Commission to reform the Common European Asylum System (CEAS). The JRS paper finds that the reform package represents a harmonisation down rather than up of protection standards in the EU. As witnessed in 2015 and 2016, restrictive measures fail both forced migrants and at achieving solidarity amongst Member States. Another race to the bottom would be highly dangerous in all respects. A major concern is that the « Dublin IV proposal » reinforces the existing Dublin system with additional restrictions on asylum seekers and Member States to ensure that asylum seekers will be sent back to the first country of entry to the EU.


Download the working paper



Rethink the reform proposals for the Common European Asylum System (CEAS)


Targeted Institutions:
European Commission, European Parliament, Council of the EU

JRS is calling on the EU institutions to


1. Stop the externalisation of protection responsibilities


2. Commit to greater solidarity with refugees and between Member States


3. Prioritise social inclusion and integration of forced migrants in European societies


4. Abstain from the disproportionate and excessive use of detention



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