Sunday 23. January 2022

Platform of partner organisations


We are pleased to present the policy proposals and activities of the major Christian organisations which feature on our website. Their proposals are based on rich grassroots experience and a great deal of expertise in a wide-range of EU policies.




Africa Europe Faith and Justice Network promotes equity and economic justice in the relationships between Africa and Europe. Our network consists of 50 congregations/institutes and 80,000 persons throughout Africa and Europe.




Azione Cattolica Italiana is an Italian Roman Catholic association of lay people committed to living the experience of faith, the proclamation of the Gospel and the call to holiness.




CARE for Europe represents the viewpoints of Churches and individual Christians across Europe on the value of human life and monitors European policies in areas such as bio-ethics, family life, gambling, human trafficking, religious freedom and human rights.



Caritas Europa is the network of 49 Member Organisations, present in 46 European countries. The united strength to voice the needs of people experiencing poverty makes Caritas Europa one of the major social actors in Europe.





The German Caritas Association helps to shape social policy. It works on behalf of disadvantaged people and promotes the development of fair living conditions.





Catholic Workers´s Movement (KAB) organises educational events, develops new forms of political participation and gets engaged in political campaigns in networks with trade unions, Churches and other civil society organisations.




CIDSE is an international alliance of Catholic development agencies working together for global justice. Our 17 member organisations from Europe and North America come together under the umbrella of CIDSE to fight poverty and inequality and promote human rights, social justice and sustainable development.





Don Bosco International is a platform for institutional dialogue between the Congregation of the Salesians of Don Bosco and the international organisations present in Europe for the promotion of young people´s rights and their empowerment.





The European Federation for Catholic Adult Education (FEECA) connects national umbrella-organisations of Catholic adult education to a European network and sees its task as the promotion of human dignity and the human right of holistic education in a pluralistic European society.




European Young Christian Workers (JOC Europe) is an organisation of young workers from several different countries. It is a member of the International Young Christian Workers (IYCW) movement which has a presence in five continents.




The European Office for Catholic youth work and adult education in Brussels represents the following organisations: European Federation for Catholic Adult Education (FEECA), Consortium of Catholic-Social Educational Institutes in the Federal Republic of Germany (AKSB e.V.), Center for Youth Pastoral Care of the German Episcopal Conference (afj), Federation of German Catholic Youth (BDKJ), Catholic Adult Education of Germany - Federal Association (KEB Deutschland e.V.).


The Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe (FAFCE) ensures political representation for family interests from a Catholic perspective and works both with the institutions of the EU and the Council of Europe.






Federcasse is the association of 388 Italian Co-operative Banks carrying out banking according to the principles of mutuality, proximity and the Christian social doctrine (Art. 2 of the banks by-laws).





FIMCAP is the International Federation of Catholic Parochial Youth Movements. It organises international education, social and exchange activities, identifies and advocates the interests of young people and builds this way a better world and a living church.




Jesuit European Social Centre engages with the EU institutions and with ecclesial institutions, cultivating and propagating relationships, while developing initiatives on a variety of themes. JESC seeks to operate in concert with other Jesuit activities, working with the poor and marginalized.





Jesuit Refugee Service is a global Catholic organisation present in over 50 countries. Its mission is to accompany, serve and advocate on behalf of refugees. In Europe, JRS operates in 12 EU countries as well as in Macedonia, Kosovo and Ukraine.





Justitia et Pax Europa is the alliance of national Justicia et Pax Commissions in Europe, working for the promotion of justice, peace and respect for human dignity. It contributes towards raising awareness of Catholic social doctrine in European societies.





Pax Christi International, the International Catholic Peace Movement, works for peace and reconciliation. It researches root causes of war and violent conflict and speaks up for unconditional respect for human dignity through its consultative status with international institutions.





The Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK) represents the interests of Catholics in the public sphere, takes part in shaping the political process and advises the  German Bishops´ Conference on social, political and Church-related issues.




The views expressed in the contributions of these organisations are those of the respective organisation and do not necessarily represent the position of IXE (SSF and ZdK) and the other contributors. Read the full disclaimer.