Sunday 23. January 2022

Our Project

Understand Europe and get involved in the debate


The Initiative of Christians for Europe (IXE) has launched this interactive website to promote, throughout Europe, the empowerment of Christians as EU citizens.


Under the title “The Europe Experience” the intention is to create a dialogue between, on the one hand, EU policies in different fields and, on the other hand, the Christian social doctrine and the experience and proposals of Christian organisations in the respective fields. Experience in 3 steps the European reality:


1-Get informed!

Discover the EU competences and the main ethical challenges posed to Christians in 5 key areas:


  • Migration & Asylum: a welcoming Europe ?
  • Economic & Social Policies: a fairer Europe ?
  • The EU & the World: shoulder to shoulder ?
  • Sustainability in the EU: a responsible future ?
  • Youth & Family Policies: an investment for the future ?


2-Get inspired!

By the reflection of key theologians from all over Europe on Catholic social teaching on these EU policy fields; and on some concrete policy proposals from Christian organisations drawing on their grassroots experience.


3-Go ahead!

Now it’s your turn: Put yourself in the shoes of an MEP and join discussion forums and choose your topic to get involved jointly with other interested parties from all over Europe in some concrete proposals for the MEPs and the EU-Commission.


Press releases:


The Experience can start !