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Call on the new MEPs:


>> Pave the way for a European minimum wage




Having regard to the facts

that in the EU, there are more than 120 million people at risk of poverty or social exclusion. The number of people living in poverty despite having a job (the “working poor“) is continually increasing because in areas with low income the wages are not sufficient to cover the living expenses of workers. Currently, there are different wage-setting arrangements in place across the EU, with some Member States having no provision at all for any kind of minimum wage. In addition, among those EU Member States that have set a minimum wage, there are large variations in its threshold (e.g. the minimum wage in Luxembourg is ten times higher than the minimum wage in Romania) and do not necessarily reflect differences in levels of wealth.


Reflecting on Christian Social Thinking

which in particular emphasises the principles of solidarity and justice as the guiding principles that should determine economic policy. As a founding principle , the encyclical Rerum Novarum (1891, nr.45,56) points out the need for wages  to be settled not just by market arrangements, but on the basis of each individual wage earner being able to live a decent life from his or her earnings. Minimum wage provisions can be seen as a clear echo of this principle of a “fair wage”.


Taking into consideration the opinions of interested citizens

who in their contributions particularly pointed out the huge differences that exist among EU countries regarding the minimum wage and the level of welfare. They also articulated the view that setting a European minimum wage could prevent transEuropean operating companies from exploiting the workers who in some countries are being paid a much lower wage than would be the case in some other countries. It might also provide a strengthened framework for the implementation of the disputed Posting of Workers Directive on the terms and conditions of workers who are temporarily posted within the EU.




1. The current legal situation limits the competence of the EU regarding setting a minimum wage at European level, leaving this to the competence of the respective Member States.


2. However, a minimum wage set at the European level would prevent an increase in the “working poor“ and a “race to the bottom” in a context of slow growth and high unemployment.


3. An overall framework setting the general conditions for European minimum wage provisions for securing a sustainable livelihood would make an essential contribution to the reduction of poverty across Europe.



We call on the new MEPs 


to pave the way for an agreement within the EU of a general framework fully extending minimum wage provisions across the EU. This should include an initial consultation with the European social partners; and, if necessary, a formal proposal from the Commission, including a proper time frame allowing for a differentiated approach in line with the definition of European thresholds in accord with the level of national wages.



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...and this was the discussion:


What´s your position on the policy proposal:


"Set a European minimum wage as the bottom line"



Targeted Institutions: European Commission, European Parliament, Council of the European Union


Background: In the EU, there are more than 120 million people at risk of poverty or social exclusion. The number of the poor who have a job is also increasing (the “working poor“). In particular, for people who work in areas with low income, their wages are not sufficient to cover their living expenses. A minimum wage which secures a sustainable livelihood would reduce poverty.


Aim: At EU level set a minimum wage as the bottom line. This should not be set below 60% of the average wage in the respective EU Member State. National laws should also have to satisfy this benchmark.



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