Thursday 28. May 2020

German Caritas Association

The German Caritas Association helps to shape social policy. It works on behalf of disadvantaged people and promotes the development of fair living conditions.



NIL- Sustainable integration of the long-term unemployed


Under the project NIL, Caritas offers at 12 locations in Baden-Württemberg specially tailored measures that aim at helping long-term unemployed people to get a qualification and at integrating them into employment. The project even offers support to the participants after they start working, especially in the initial phase of employment. It addresses both the participants as well as the employers.



Support accompanying measures for the sustainable integration of the long-term unemployed


Targeted Institutions:
European Commission, European Parliament

Through the European Social Fund, the EU should support the creation of accompanying measures for the long-term unemployed that are crucial for their successful integration into ordinary work. These accompanying measures should relate to the formerly unemployed - both before and after getting into employment - as well to their new employers.


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