Saturday 11. July 2020

German Caritas Association

The German Caritas Association helps to shape social policy. It works on behalf of disadvantaged people and promotes the development of fair living conditions.



Opinions on legislative proposals


The German Caritas Association takes an active part in the social policy debate and as a member of the Federal Association of Non Statutory Welfare Services (BAGFW) it regularly contributes to their Opinions on legislative proposals at national as well as European level. Only rececently the German Caritas Association participated together with BAGFW in the public consultation of the European Commission on the "Review of existing VAT legislation on public bodies and tax exemptions in the public interest"






Keep the tax relief for certain activities of general interest


Targeted Institutions:
European Commission, European Parliament, Council of the EU

The EU has to ensure that an updated VAT Directive includes tax exemptions for certain activities of general interest as well as reduced tax rates for necessities such as food.

Moreover, harmonisation of the taxable base for corporation income taxes has to take the interests of nonprofit organisations with a general public interest into account.


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Photographer: Lim Yong Hian